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Photo: Håkan Ignell

Hi there!

Welcome to my portfolio page. I would like to be happy to introduce myself with couple of sentences; in a short way…

I am a MSc. Wildlife Ecologist who stationed and living here in lovely Sweden. I am working as a nature and environmental consultant in a leading company in its sector. As an ecologist, I can say that easily it is awesome opportunity for me to be out in the field almost all the time

I am still learning new things about our blue planet and its unique values, geographical differences in different habitats at several new locations. In this respect, I feel myself quite lucky… Nordic climate is so variable and tough, without any doubt. Because of that being an ambassador and -before than that- a user of rock-hard PENTAX products!

I am a sponsored wildlife photographer by PENTAX as a brand ambassador of Sweden; also, Silkypix (Ichikawa Soft Laboratory), Lowepro, Sirui and Vallerret Photography Gloves…

One last thing: For me, as a photographer who mostly/inherently works in the nature; ethic comes one step ahead than everything; so, I have a huge respect for the real owners of our planet who are the animals and vegetation etc. As an individual of an invasive species, I have an endless sensitivity to all creatures which are trying to be exist and survive against us!

Thanks for your visit. I hope that you will be enjoyed looking at my photos!

All the Best!

Ogun Caglayan Turkay
[email protected]